Interview with a Wolf People Intern
Wolf People now offers an intern program for qualified adults and/or students who are pursuing an education in wildlife, biology or zoology. If you have always dreamed of what it would be like to learn about wolves and experience their behaviors first-hand, come join Wolf People for a three month internship and your questions will be answered.

Brianna, a student from Spokane Falls Community College, was able to experience the intern program during the summer of 2014. Throughout her childhood and as a teenager, Brianna had always loved wolves and was fascinated by them. Early in 2014, she came to Wolf People for a tour. Her enthusiasm grew after she saw real wolves for the first time and her passion was evident even to the tour guide who let her stay for an hour after the tour to learn more about the wolves. This was when Brianna’s true love and appreciation of wolves blossomed. It happened in the moment when she was not only able to see them but listen to their beautiful song as they howled for her.

Even before the summer began, Brianna would visit Wolf People on weekends to learn more about each of the wolves. She began to observe and study them, identifying each of their distinct personalities. This caused her to develop an even deeper passion for wolves, because each wolf is unique and has its own special qualities. With few people around, she was able to observe them in their natural habitat and watch their interaction with each other.

As Brianna was preparing to spend the summer as an intern, Nancy Taylor, the owner of Wolf People, announced that they were expecting two litters of puppies. Wow, Brianna was so excited with the idea of participating in raising wolf puppies! It was going to be the experience of a lifetime!

The puppies were born on May 2nd and May 3rd within hours of each other. One litter was brought home as one-day-old newborns, needing immediate care because their mother had a C-section. The second litter of pups were brought into Nancy’s home at two weeks of age. They are brought into the home early so that when they open their eyes, it is a human face they see first. This is done to ensure that the wolf puppies are able to identify and bond with humans while seeing humans as a positive influence in their lives rather than a threat as they naturally would in the wild. Brianna helped bottle feed and burp them. She watched them grow, and was able to see them develop their natural wolf instincts.

During the three months of Brianna’s internship, she was gradually developing a relationship with the adult wolves on the property. Trust is something earned. She spent time in front of the wolves’ enclosures each day, talking to them so the wolves and she would gain an understanding of each other. As the relationships developed, she fed them, gave them water, and continued to talk to them. They, in turn, would sing her the beautiful songs only wolves can sing.

During her internship, Brianna also helped Nancy at the gift shop. Her creativity showed when she was inspired to create beautiful necklaces with naturally shed wolf fur that she had collected. The wolf hair is placed in a little bottle for safe-keeping and put on a leather string with a beautiful feather and stone. The necklace is a treasure of a symbolic closeness and bonding with the wolf.

Brianna’s creativity is also apparent in her photography. She has captured inspiring images of the wolves, especially the pups, and can be seen on the Wolf People website and others under the name Roaming Wolf Photography. She has honored the request made by Wolf People in that she identifies the wolves as part of the Wolf People Pack. Her integrity has been appreciated by Nancy Taylor.

Brianna was asked what comment she would like to make about her experience as an intern. She stated, “This was a really good learning experience but it takes hard work, dedication, and a true passion for the wolves.” She also said she has confirmed to herself the truth about wolves and is now advocating against the false information printed in the newspapers and other media.

Brianna favorite wolf is Romeo. She said. “I love him! As a pup, he loved to snuggle next to my face.” She said, “It is true, the wolf chooses you!”
Romeo is one of the pups born on May 2, 2014. Romeo has had his own challenges as he was born with a bone deformity, and his bones were not growing as a normal pups should. At first, Wolf People thought that they may have to have surgery on Romeo, but after chiropractic care, an enhanced diet and specially created herbal formulas to strengthen and help bone growth, Romeo legs have grown to normal lengths and he is now one of the pack. Brianna helped give loving care to Romeo which also helped his recovery.

Brianna received a Certificate of Completion for her internship at Wolf People Facility. She still visits as often as she can to keep her relationships with the wolves current and let them know she has not deserted them as they do love her. View some of Brianna’s fun and beautiful images of the wolves on the Wolf People website.
It is experiences like these that create memories of a lifetime. If you are interested in participating in a three month internship program at Wolf People for an opportunity to learn more about wolves; to see them in a natural habitat, and be able to develop a relationship that would allow you to understand and appreciate them, please contact Nancy Taylor at 208.290.0510 for information.

Wolf People is looking for qualified interns for the spring and summer of 2015. Duties would include: working with Wolf Handler, Bill Ross, preparing meals for the wolves, feeding, watering, repairing fences, filling holes, and other odd jobs. Participants must be able to lift 50 pounds, and have a valid driver’s license. Room and board is provided. All applicants are screened.

Contributed by Cathy Sparks and Brianna © copyright 2014