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We had the honor of being chosen to be on a news show about the wolves and the topics that surround them. A camera crew from Australian news channel ABC NEWS came to Wolf People and spent two days filming our beautiful wolves. Stars of the show were TIKAANI, MOHAWK and our little COCO. Throughout the show you can hear our wolves howling for the viewers and of course MOHAWK stole the spotlight and performed a close up howl for the crew. We filmed down in our 5 acre play pen where the wolves could run around and be themselves while We (Nancy, Cody and the camera crew) could watch them play and have fun. On multiple occasions TIKAANI  attempted to steal the camera tripod and anything else he could see but the camera man who has filmed war time in Iraq didn’t seem to mind too much. Below is a link to their Website where you can view the entire show. We will do our best to make sure the link is up and working. If you have any problems finding the site, feel free to email us on our contact page. Thank you and enjoy the show 🙂