Rest in Peace Baci


5/16/2000 to 8/7/2015

Baci was the only son from Casper and Crystal, our alphas of 14 years. He was a beautiful pure white Ellesmere Island Arctic wolf who I raised from the day he was born. As a young cub, he was big, beautiful, strong, and very loving. For the first year of his life, he lived with his sister, Wapithe, and Hache Hi’. It was sad when we had to separate them at 1-1/2 years of age due to maturity and dominance issues.

His first mate was Kiwis’as and they stayed together for about 4 years. He never seemed totally happy with her so we put him with Mimi, and they fell in love after about a year. They went on to have Tikaani and then a litter of 7 babies. He was “grandpa” to many and very proud of his family.

I always referred to Baci as the “spokesman” for the pack. If someone came on the property that he did not approve of, he would let everyone know by letting out a noise that sounded like a growl/bark. He would not come up to that person and kept Mimi back as well. The pack followed his lead. I do believe that Baci and Hache still loved and respected one another and he was respected by the pack and us. He too was a leader and incredibly strong with his feelings and voicing them. I would tell our visitors that he was the sweetest male we had on the ranch, and everyone thought he was magnificently beautiful!


We have had an extremely hot summer and even with shade, wading pools, and the pens getting watered down, the wolves have had some difficulty dealing with the heat, especially the older wolves. Baci was no exception. The afternoon of the 6th, our wolf handler, Bill Ross, could not find Baci so he went looking for him and found him laying in a shady part of his enclosure. He could not get up but did not appear to be in any pain. I was in Seattle at the time visiting family and was shocked to hear this as he was fine before I left. I believe he had a stroke or heart attack. though we’ll never know why. Bill said his breathing was very labored, and I prayed that I would make it home in time to see him again. I didn’t make it……I didn’t get to say goodbye! Baci had lived a good full life. He was such an awesome creature, loved and respected by everyone. Letting him go would have been a lot easier had I been with him when he passed on. I spent time with him when I got home. He still looked so beautiful and stoic. A group of us laid him to rest in our graveyard and said good bye to a true leader and friend. He was one of my “special” wolves. The pack misses him, we miss him, Mimi is lost without him, but his strength and wisdom are with us.
Good bye my precious Baci .



– Nancy Taylor , Wolf People of Cocolalla
*Photo by Ashley Janssen Photography