A Mother’s Love


At this very special time of year, Wolf People celebrates Mothers everywhere. They hold that special place in the hearts of their offspring, if only for a second at the miracle of birth or throughout their lifetime.

Mothers come in all forms, shapes, sizes, both human and animal, even stand-in surrogate moms and including fathers that have taken on that second role due to life’s circumstances.




We celebrate all Mothers!

Nancy-and-wolfNancy Taylor is Mother to her two wonderful children and is also a surrogate mom to 25 special 4 legged offspring in furry clothing. Nancy loves wolves and wanted to introduce the public to the special lifestyle and behavior of wolves, in an effort to foster a true understanding as to how similar their family unit is to humans. Through wolves, evolution gave us our canine friends and she believed through education she could alleviate fear of these animals so some would be allowed to survive in the wild.

When Nancy began her life long journey in raising and caring for wolves, she accepted the role of surrogate Mom to them and they do adore her, all of them. They trust her explicitly and demonstrate their affection for her whenever she is close. Many of the Wolf People wolves display love and affection for other humans that have been with them and cared for them like their Papa Wolfhandler Bill Ross but no one is Mama but Nancy. They have a very special bond with her.

It requires trust on the part of the wolves for handlers to be able to control and maintain these beautiful creatures and it’s a fragile emotion. These wolves are loved, nurtured and treated with the respect and the kindness due them. Many of the parents of her wolves are still at the facility and it’s a song of joy when they all howl out their happiness in unison.

A lot of cuddling or a quick scratch from Mama Wolf Nancy will bring much joy to her 4 legged babies. Come visit Nancy and her pack on a tour or you can see all of them on the Wolf People website.

Remembering that special birth to a special Mother so long ago that gives us this wonderful holiday of Christmas, we wish for all of you a glorious celebration.


© copyright 2014 Jan Longshore


  1. Nancy:: I mentor the wolf FB Site, THE MAGNIFICENT WOLF. I want to get another baseball cap. Mine is near shot. Tried the site, but can’t get through…..HELP The black cap with the pack on it. RON

  2. That is just one of the many tender moments of a wolf pack. The whole family and community tenderness of the wolf is amazing. I have a great respect and love for the wolf.

  3. Nancy: It was nice hearing from you….I look forward to receiving a photo of the new cap….RON

  4. I live in Rupert, a family doc, still working at 91 – I’m 3rd generation Lakota -siasapa – and have a Lakota name – sunkmanitoutanka najin – standing wolf. Thanks for all you have done for all the wolves – sorry about Baci. Did you know Jim Dutcher from over around Challis?

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