Christmas Hero William “Bill” Ross

The wolves at Wolf People are fortunate to have their human Wolf Papa William “Bill” Ross who cares for them and is there in an emergency.

Tikaani is a big, strong 5 year old Artic-Timber Cross Wolf. He was born at the Wolf People Facility and has an even temperament but isn’t always a cuddly fellow. After feeding on the 16th, Wolf Handler Bill checked all the wolves before he went to other chores and noticed Tikaani pawing inside his mouth. He was crying and obviously in pain and afraid. Bill knew he had a bone lodged in his mouth but he seemed to be breathing okay so he figured it wasn’t in his throat. Bill sent his helper away as Tikaani was becoming more agitated with someone new to the facility, watching his suffering. Wolves tend to be proud creatures. Bill then removed Tuffy, Tikaani’s mate, from the enclosure and went to Tikaani. While talking to him, Bill put his arm around Tikaani’s neck and his hand inside his mouth, finding a rib bone caught between his back molars. It wasn’t easy to remove the bone but Bill finally got it out and received a big sloppy ”thank you kiss” from Tikaani. Tikaani then eyed his bone and wanted it back. “Forget it!” Bill told Tikaani as he threw it over the fence.

Tikaani trusted Bill and Bill trusted that Tikaani would know he was helping him. If he hadn’t helped Tikaani, it would have been a difficult situation, for everyone but especially for Tikaani. They would have had to transport him or wait an unknown period of time for their mobile Vet while Tikaani was in pain; they would have had to control Tikaani’s obviously upset mate Tuffy; catch Tikaani, tranquilize him, remove the bone and reverse the tranquilizer which holds dangers for the animal, especially in cold weather.

Tikaani is running and playing with Tuffy today and has no ill effects. Bill chalks it up to another day at the wolf facility but we know he’s a hero. Real men don’t hurt wolves; they live with them! View “Join the Pack” to see Tikanni and Tuffy.

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