A separate nonprofit organization is being created that will benefit the wolves who are part of Wolf People as well as other Idaho wildlife.  Wildlife Organization Learning Facility, Inc. (W.O.L.F.) is being formed with the goal of providing the public education and a learning experience about area wildlife.  This will include education and the ecological purpose clarifying the importance of the wolfs’ role in our society. Wildlife Organization Learning Facility, Inc. has a board of directors who will oversee the functions of the organization.  Our vision is to provide assistance to wolves and other wildlife in need and to cooperate with organizations who have similar goals in helping wildlife. We appreciate your support.

Thank you,
Wolf People

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  1. There was a full-grown wolf on my college caumps. A professor’s daughter was a vet, found a pup, and nursed it back to health. For whatever reason, he couldn’t be released into the wild.The professor kept it in his office during the day, and would walk it around caumps. I’d never seen a wolf before. Looked more like a bear.Wolves are big.

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