KIWIS’AS (promise) aka KIWI April 23, 2001 to October 26, 2013

I flew to Tennessee to get Kiwi when she was 2 weeks old and had to select from 3 darling little females that were identical in everyway. It took 3 hours for me to decide on Kiwi, the one who would fly home with me. She sat on my lap the entire way, sucking on my finger, and the bonding process with her began. She was a shy, beautiful little arctic/tundra wolf cub, who won the hearts of everyone who saw her. Soon after I brought her home, I called her my little “Kiwi bug”, and she loved it!

Kiwi grew into a beautiful white wolf with awesome gold eyes. Her shyness stayed with her, but she always came to me. She would “connect” sometimes with people who came on our tours and come closer to them. They felt very special that this beautiful wolf would feel safe by them. She lived with Baci and Cryco for awhile and was a neighbor to Okemo but wanted nothing more than that to do with him! She especially loved and trusted children and would always come close when they were present. She was one of our best eaters but always made sure she kept her athletic shape and would bury her extra food for snacks later on. She and I would go to our 5 acre enclosure whenever we could to just hang out.

About 2 months ago, I noticed a lump growing on the bridge of her nose and called my mobile vet to come take a look. We did a biopsy and the cells came back malignant. She basically had a very aggressive cancerous brain tumor that spread quickly throughout her sinus cavity and left eye. We kept a close eye on her, and called the mobile vet on Wednesday to end her struggle this weekend. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with her, walking her around the compound to see all the wolves in her pack one more time. It was our last special time together. I knew it was time to stop Kiwi’s suffering, although she kept her dignity through it all, never showing how sick she must have felt. I was with her to the end, and she died knowing I was right there while I whispered “I love you, my little Kiwi bug”!

The pack was quiet all night, and we are all mourning the loss of this beautiful, gentle loving soul who graced us with her presence for 12-1/2 years. She will rest in peace on our property, along with the other magnificent wolves we have lost through the years.