We are located on Hwy 95 approx. 12 miles south of Sandpoint, Idaho on the left side of the Hwy. From Couer d’Alene, go north approx. 35 miles and we’re a little past mile marker 461 on the right side.

Our Fall hours are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 7 days a week! Check the “Tour Info” tab for more info.

Wolf People would like to express their deep gratitude to Mr. Chris Bachman and his class at Pioneer School in Spokane, for raising money for pups Romeo and Journey’s vet bills!

Pioneer School

A Time for Thanksgiving

November 2014 is truly a time for thanksgiving for Wolf People. As we gaze out over our twenty five beautiful prime wolves of all ages, colors and subspecies and hear them join together in song to greet the day or visitors when they arrive for a tour, we are truly grateful for their wellbeing and the many supporters and people that love them.

We are blessed to have all of our pups at 6 months be robust and growing into fine young lads and one lady.  These gentle loving Ambassadors of good will continue to amuse and bring smiles to the faces of children, young and old alike.  Perhaps they bring back the romance of other times when wolves and wildlife held a safer place in our society as they ran free in the wilderness.  Or maybe it’s just the joy of being so close to such magnificent creatures and learning about their gentler family oriented society or watching their antics when visitors arrive to see them.  Sometimes we aren’t sure which species is more excited, the wolves or humans.

We lost several of our wolves in the last couple of years and we grieved each and every one of them as they were all loving and had such different personalities.  Some just succumbed to old age and we know since we have wolves between the ages of 14 to 16, they will also eventually return to their sky pack but for now they are happy and content to let us enjoy them.  We had some misfortune with a couple of our favorites during this period but since Wolf Handler Bill Ross took over care for our pack, they thrive.


Our little Romeo and Journey are no longer little and we thank many people including the beautiful pack of children at Pioneer School in Spokane and their teacher, Chris Bachman, for raising money to help defray their medical costs.  We also thank our wolves’ other human friends for their contributions, the Medical Personnel that are always there for them, their Animal Health Advisor and the companies that contribute the beautiful meats we are able to feed them.  Journey’s eyes continue to require eye drops and he is most cooperative.  Romeo will stay on a special diet for a few more months but when he returned to his Orthopedic Specialist to determine

if he needed any surgical intervention, his doctor declared Romeo healed, leaving him out of a job. We saw his growth plates and rejoiced at the news and with all of the extra attention, he does live up to
his name of “Romeo.”

We also want to thank the dedicated people that offer extra help at the facility and dedicated others behind the scenes who help us such as “Wolf Girl” Brianna, who has a gift of photography and a gift of a loving heart for our wolves, especially Romeo.



2We have had such great responses in the healing of Romeo and Journey, we will eventually offer a section of animal health advice either on our website or in our upcoming newsletter.  Our wolves have all been bred in captivity, most right at the facility, so they occasionally will show some of the same problems found in domestic dogs.  We do keep on top of it and if necessary seek out any help we believe they might need.  We want to pass on our experiences and hope you will enjoy what we have in store for you and find it useful.

Please come see us at Wolf People and visit our 25 beauties on our tours.  We know there has been some negative press in social media generated by a couple of disgruntled terminated employees.  An unfortunate situation but as a result of their own behavior they no longer enjoy the beauty we experience every day. The most wonderful reaction has been from supporters and friends of Wolf People who have responded with many calls and visits. And we have also made many new friends. Please visit and judge for yourself. There are 25 fur-balls waiting to become your new friends.

May yours be a Thanksgiving to remember for all of the good things life has to offer and may your family be blessed!

Wolf People of Cocolalla



A separate nonprofit organization is being created that will benefit the wolves who are part of Wolf People as well as other Idaho wildlife.  Wildlife Organization Learning Facility, Inc. (W.O.L.F.) is being formed with the goal of providing the public education and a learning experience about area wildlife.  This will include education and the ecological purpose clarifying the importance of the wolfs’ role in our society. Wildlife Organization Learning Facility, Inc. has a board of directors who will oversee the functions of the organization.  Our vision is to provide assistance to wolves and other wildlife in need and to cooperate with organizations who have similar goals in helping wildlife. We appreciate your support.

Thank you,
Wolf People

Important news regarding our wolves can be found on our blog by clicking here

WOLF PEOPLE is now offering 3 month Internships to those who qualify and would like to work with our Wolf Handler, Bill Ross, and our pack of 25 wolves.  

For more information about our internships please click here.

Wolf People was formed in 1993 by Bill and Nancy Taylor.  Bill now resides in Arkansas; however, he stays closely in touch with Wolf People and all the wolves. Shortly after moving to North Idaho with our wolf dogs and one pure wolf, we realized that people knew very little about this beautiful, intelligent animal. we grew tired of hearing “aren’t you afraid they are going to turn on you” or “have they ever attacked you”?

So, when a building went up for sale close to home, we bought it with the intention of turning it into a Wolf Education Facility where we could teach about wolves and show the loving side of them that I had come to know and love.

I have lived with wolves for 20 years and currently have 23 wolves in my pack. Not only do we educate at our facility, but we go out into the public with our wolves to schools, parks, places of business and also have tours come to our store. Recently, we started tours up to the main compound for people to meet the rest of the pack and see them as they live in their natural habitat. The tours are fun, educational, enlightening and photographers have a ball.

We have made an educational video with our wolves that is 48 minutes long, full of wolves and wolf information. We also offer franchises and presently have a franchise in South Dakota with more interests in Montana, California and Arkansas.

There is much controversy on the wolf today, and we continue to educate so that the wolf will be protected as he lives in the wild and is left alone to keep our ecosystem alive, well and balanced.

Some of our wolves have been in the movies. Back in 1993, 3 of our little wolf hybrid cubs made a movie called “White Wolves ll, Legend of the Wild”. I had the honor of being the trainer and handler, and what a wonderful experience that was.

Last year one of our cubs went to an animal trainer who has a licensed facility in Canada. He named her “Sweet Pea” and he took her to Siberia, Russia, to star in the movie “WOLF”, which will be out around December 2009. We have pictures of the making of the movie as you enter our site.

This year he got our 2 babies to play the part of being her cubs this spring which will finish the movie. They all flew by “private jet” from Canada to Russia in July and will return in late August, once their “acting” jobs are done. I don’t know about the babies, but I do know that “Sweet Pea” will be in many more movies as the trainer was very impressed with her intelligence and acting ability. We will let you know when “WOLF” is out and hopefully have copies of the movie to purchase in the store. We have some photos of “Sweet Pea” on the movie set that we wanted to share with you. She is the daughter of our beautiful Coco Cabe and Hedge, who passed away shortly before she was born. He will live in our hearts and through his beautiful daughter, “Sweet Pea”!

Thank you for your support!
Nancy Taylor