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Wolf People :: Sponsor a Wolf :: Romeo

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Wolf People :: Sponsor a Wolf :: Romeo

Romeo  Romeo is an exceptionally sweet and affectionate male. Beginning from a very young age, he has been loving towards everyone. He is very intuitive and observant; he seems to prefer watching all the things that go on around him. His name, initially just a nickname, stuck with him because of his unique and unchanging sweet personality. His parents are Teton (father) and Arctica (mother). His grandparents are Baci and Mimi (Arctica’s parents), and Hanta Yo and Legacy (Teton’s parents). He has a brother named Hota and a sister named Waya. At a young age in his life, Romeo had been diagnosed with thin, fragile bones. After a month’s worth of relentless efforts to strengthen his bones, a miracle occurred: to everyone’s amazement, Romeo’s bones had significantly improved. Throughout all of his tough times as a pup, Romeo had remained sweet and strong, and he will continue to be an especially sweet, special, and exceptional wolf to everyone.

Price: $44.95


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